HDD Partition Recovery

Lost HFS Partition Recovery on Mac OS X Lion

  • The tremendous tool that instantly restores data from lost HFS or HFSX partitions on Mac OSX Lion
  • All other editions of Macintosh OSX are supported for data restoration
  • Uses a deep scan mechanism to restore Mac volumes
  • It is also suitable to work with a wide range of external storage drives with ease

Losing Macintosh hard drive partitions is quite common. Often people surprise when they see that one of the existing hard drive partition is missing on Mac OS X Lion machine. For those who have kept their valuable files in the lost HFS partition, it is really hard to experience the data loss situation. If you are one among them, here is good news. You can restore lost HFS partition from Mac OS X Lion at your own. With the aid of the Disk Utility, it is impossible, but when you assign the same task to HDD HFS partition restoration software, it is extremely simple. With the input of a few simple mouse clicks, you can get your lost partition back with entire lost data. You can also use HDD Partition Recovery software to retrieve external HDD in a few simple mouse clicks.

Being a Mac OS X Lion user, people feel that there is no chance of losing stored files and partitions, but there will be some tough times waiting to surprise. One of that could be partition missing. In order to help fellows those who have lost valuable HFS partition of Macintosh hard drive, experts have designed the HDD Partition Recovery tool. With the advanced recovery engine and powerful scanning algorithms, it restores lost partition as it was before. In addition to the computer hard drive, it can also be used to undelete deleted WD external hard drive partition on Mac OS X Lion machine. It is a perfect partition recovery software natively designed for Mac machines with a simple user interface. In addition, the HDD partition recovery software help users to restore lost partition from HDD in a couple of mouse clicks.

So far we understood how to restore missing HFS hard drive partitions on Mac OS X Lion machines, but how does an existing partition get disappear? Plenty of reasons stand behind to take the blame of partition loss. Few most common reasons are listed here.

  • Accidental deletion of the existing partition with lack of knowledge
  • Errors occurred while repartitioning the hard drive of Mac using Disk Utility
  • Corruption of Apple partition map due to the virus infection or drive errors
  • Hard drive failure or HFS file system corruption in Mac OS X Lion
  • Corruption of the volume header in Mac machine

HDD partition recovery is a powerful tool specially designed for Macintosh users to restore deleted or lost HFS partition on Mac OS X Lion. An outstanding performance of the software makes it as one of the best partition recovery tools. As long as you have this utility, no need to worry about how to restore missing HFS partition. Get the software and fire up the application. Within a short time, it will let you have a look at the lost partition data. Windows version of the software will also help you to recover reformatted FAT partition data on Windows 7 computer.

Steps to recover missing HFS partition on Mac OS X Lion:

1: Fire up the installed the HDD partition recovery tool to explore the main window as depicted in Fig I. Select "Recover Volumes/Drives" and then choose "Volume Recovery".

Restore Missing HFS Partition on Mac OS X Lion - Main Window

Fig I: Main Window

2: Software will opt you to choose the hard drive from which lost partition has to be recovered as depicted in Fig II. Select the hard drive and click on Next button to proceed.

Restore Missing HFS Partition on Mac OS X Lion - Select Drive

Fig II: Select Drive

3: After the drive scan stage, all the found volumes will be displayed. Choose the volume that you have to recover and click on the Next button. After scanning the selected volume, a list of recovered files will be displayed as depicted in Fig III.

Restore Missing HFS Partition on Mac OS X Lion - Restored Files

Fig III: Restored Files

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite (10.10) Users