HDD Partition Recovery

Recover Reformatted FAT Partition on Windows 7

  • A top-rated utility that performs restoration of FAT partition data on Windows 7 systems
  • Can be utilized to recover data after accidental format, reformat, corruptions etc.
  • Built with an enriched algorithm that deep scans the drive and restores partition data
  • The program supports all disk file systems and also works with various external storage drives

Quite often Windows users reformat their hard drive partitions. And while reformatting the FAT partition, one needs to take a lot of care. Too many formatting instances and one of those could lead you to forfeit precious files. Sometimes people do reformat their FAT hard drive partitions forgetfully or due to lack of knowledge on Windows 7. No matter how the partition is reformatted, it takes all the stored files away from you. In such instance, if you have an effective backup, lost data can be restored easily, else you will be thinking of what do to and is there any possibility to get the lost data back? Yes, you can restore lost files from the reformatted FAT partition at your own. For which you need reliable hard drive partition data recovery software. With this smart application, the user can easily recover corrupt partition in a couple of mouse clicks.

People reformat FAT partitions to fix the errors associated with the file system. In case if the hard drive partition is formatted without backup or unintentionally, there it lands the worst situation. Most of the valuable files kept in the reformatted partition go invisible. And losing such important data creates too many problems. Not to worry, as you have HDD partition recovery software, powerful reformatted partition data recovery software exclusively designed for Windows 7 computers. Snatch the software and start the partition recovery. A few simple clicks will get your lost data back from a reformatted FAT partition. In addition to FAT partitions recovery, you can also make use of this tool to restore corrupt NTFS hard drive partitions files on Windows 7. Moreover, HDD Partition Recovery software facilitates you to perform portable HDD recovery in an instant way.

Generally, reformatting the FAT hard drive partition removes the pointer pointing to the stored location of the file and marks the space occupied by the stored files as free to hold new data. Actual information kept in those files remains unharmed. Before that space gets overwritten with new data, previous files can be retrieved back. Formatted HDD recovery software scans FAT hard drive partition and recovers the lost files with the aid of file attributes. Since it directly restores lost data from the reformatted FAT partition sectors, you will get best recovery results. It not only recovers lost data from the formatted hard drive partitions but also able to retrieve deleted Western Digital hard drive partitions data on the Windows 7 computers.

HDD partition recovery software is primarily designed to recover lost data from reformatted, formatted, deleted or lost FAT partitions on Windows 7 computers. As long as you have this application, you can easily forget all your worries related to data loss due to reformatting FAT partitions. Run the application and let it scan the reformatted partition. It will automatically restore partition on Windows 8 and on its prior versions with no time. And this application is not only restricted for Windows machines but one can also use the Mac version of the software to restore lost HFS partition data on Mac OS X Lion machines.

Steps to recover the reformatted FAT partition data:

1: Launch the installed the HDD partition recovery software. The home screen appears as depicted in Figure 1 with multiple recovery options. Select "Recover Partitions/Drives" to proceed with reformatted FAT partition recovery and later choose "Formatted/Re-Formatted Recovery".

Reformatted FAT Partition Recovery on Windows 7 - Home Screen

Figure 1: Home Screen

2: You will get a list of drives from which software can recover data as depicted in Figure 2. Here select the reformatted FAT hard drive partition and click on Next button.

Reformatted FAT Partition Recovery on Windows 7 - Select FAT Partition

Figure 2: Select FAT Partition

3: Software starts scanning the HDD to locate and retrieve files. Once the scanning process is finished, you will get list of recovered files as depicted in Figure 3.

Reformatted FAT Partition Recovery on Windows 7 - Recovered Data

Figure 3: Recovered data

4: Select a file from the recovered list and preview. You may then continue to save the recovered files to the desired storage location

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite (10.10) Users