HDD Partition Recovery

Tool to carry out Compaq Partition Restore

  • The highly-remarkable tool that performs data recovery from Compaq laptops
  • Incorporates a rich-set algorithm that scans the Compaq storage and restores all files from it
  • All disk file systems are flexibly supported
  • Works with other brands of laptops, external HDD, USB drives, SSD, FireWire drives etc.

Have you lost your entire essential files stored on Compaq partition by unintentionally formatting the Compaq partition? Later when you checked the partition, you found that you have wrongly formatted a partition with important files rather than formatting a virus-infected partition. This would be the most agonizing moment as the files lost were very much important. Now searching how to perform a Compaq partition recovery after an accidental format? Here is a perfect solution for your question, use the partition recovery software which can easily rescue lost files from a formatted Compaq partition. This partition recovery program not only knows to restore formatted FAT partition data but can also recover FAT partition after reformat on Windows 7, XP and Windows Vista operating system computers. Just click over here now to get additional information about this utility.

Compaq is a well-known company which develops desktops and laptops for both personal as well as for business purpose. Compaq products are highly preferred by the users for its high stability and performance. It provides a diverse range of memory alternatives and processor for fault-free multitasking. Compaq computer or laptop is equipped with the hard disk which is considered as the mass storage device used for storing varieties of files relevant to the operating system or user. Further, the storage space of these hard drives is divided into isolated sections known as partitions where each partition functions as a standalone drive. Partitioning the hard disk is the easiest method which allows the user to save the files residing in it in a proper way and adds better data security. Though Compaq products are so durable, in some unavoidable circumstances even these Compaq partitions are susceptible to loss of data. But by the use of above-mentioned drive rescue software, you can easily perform hard drive data recovery with utmost ease.

Possible factors that are accountable for data loss from Compaq partitions:

  • The partition table is a data structure which holds the information about the locations and size of the partitions on the hard disk. If this partition table gets corrupted because of the malware attack or improper PC turn off then it will not allow the computer to boot up generating error messages like “missing or bad partition table”. Corrupted partitions will make the hard drive unreadable causing loss of information saved on the drive.

  • In case your computer is running very slow or the installed OS crashes very often, then the only way to solve this type of issue is to re-install the operating system. Re-installation of OS will ask you to format the partition on which you have to re-install the operating system. In this event, if you format the partition without taking the backup of essential files or format wrong partition then you will end up losing your entire stored files.

  • While transferring files from USB HDD to your Compaq laptop or vice versa, if there occurs any type of interruption then it corrupts the file system of your external hard disk. This will make the files residing on it inaccessible leading to file loss. However, with the use of the partition recovery software, you can safely retrieve USB HDD data on Mac or Windows OS based systems. Have a peek at this website https://www.hddpartitionrecovery.com/usb-data.html to learn how exactly this utility works.

  • Generation of errors while converting one file system to other results in loss of data from that particular partition. For example, if the file system conversion from FAT32 to NTFS is interrupted because of some errors or any inevitable situations then the partition is partially converted. This does not allow you to use either of FAT32 or NTFS partitions which make the hard drive unusable resulting in data loss.

In addition to this, there might be some other factors because of which you will lose your valuable data from Compaq partitions. Immediately after losing data do not use the partition from which you have lost files. This will prevent overwriting of old data and makes you to lose your precious files forever. It is also suggested to always create a backup copy of your crucial files and save it on some reliable secondary storage media so that you can get back your lost or deleted files easily by using the backup. No need to worry, if you don’t have a backup copy. In such regrettable circumstances, you have to go for the partition recovery application which is well-organized and can recover files from Compaq partitions lost or erased due to any reason. This tool not only restores Compaq partition data but can even perform Toshiba, HP, Dell, Acer partition recovery easily in few simple clicks of your mouse.

Some attractive features of this partition recovery tool:

  • It facilitates you to perform file restoration on all the series of Compaq computers or laptops such as Compaq Presario, Compaq Portable, Compaq Pro and a lot more.

  • Partition recovery tool is built with powerful scanning algorithm which scans the entire Compaq partition in order to identify file types and then rescues the lost or deleted files by making use of their unique file signature.

  • With this amazing tool, you can even recover data from deleted NTFS partition. If you want to read more about deleted NTFS partition recovery then go to this website.

  • The software has received several testimonials from the customers who got satisfied after utilizing this tool in order to get back their missing or deleted files.

  • This efficient data recovery program can recover lost HFS partition on Mac OS X Lion quickly and easily, including other versions of Mac OS X.

Follow few easy steps to use partition recovery application:

Step 1: Download and install partition recovery utility on your computer. Run the tool by simply double-clicking on the shortcut icon. Once the software is launched, choose “Recover Partitions/Drives” from the main screen as shown in Figure 1.

USB HDD Data Recovery - Welcome Screen

Figure 1: Welcome Screen

Step 2: Now select “Partition Recovery” option which you see on the next screen in order to restore your lost or deleted partition as shown in Figure 2.

USB HDD Data Recovery - Welcome Screen

Figure 2: Select Partition Screen

Step 3: In order to start partition recovery choose the required logical drive from which you have lost the files and then click on the “Next” button as shown in Figure 3.

USB HDD Data Recovery - Select Partition Screen

Figure 3: Select Logical drive

Step 4: As soon as you are done with the process, you can view the list of rescued files by making use of either “File Type View” or “Data Type View” as shown in Figure 4.

USB HDD Data Recovery - Recovered data Screen

Figure 4: Recovered data Screen

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite (10.10) Users